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If Your Diet is WRONG, Medicine is For No Use.
If Your Diet is CORRECT,  Medicine is of No Need

Yogita Shrivastava is an Ayurveda expert who deeply believes in the healing power of nature and aims at working with an integrated approach to healthcare that embodies the person as a whole.

Yogita Shrivastava

Yogita also adorns the hat of a ayurveda nutritionist who understands the relevance of using food as medicine. Her well-curated food supplements teamed with carefully crafted herbs for health and rejuvenation have made a whole lot of difference in many people. She is a person who will give her one hundred per cent to the people who approach her for a euphoric experience.  
She offers one-to-one consultations, holds talks and workshops and also writes articles with effective tips and pointers for a healthy and wholesome life.

ayurvedic oils

Her Enterprise Beautyveda which has range of handmade pure and natural oils. What makes them unique is that they are made customised as per your prakriti i.e bodytype.

  • These oils help you maintain optimal health, beauty and wellness.
  • Yogita is also an expert in healing methods that comply with state-of-the-art detoxification protocols.

Best oil for cleansing your body



I tried Beautyveda Camphor oil. One of the best calming oil must say, also worked really great for muscle relaxation.
Nitin kale
Beautyveda Camphor oil
I feel that her customized ayurvedic diet has really helped me to loose weight. I have lost 10 kg of weight and I think my dream of having a perfect shape has come true. It has only happened because of your tips. I also feel shine on my face and now i am feeling much better and healthy as before.
Puja Malkhan
Weight Loss
I never thought I needed it until I finally used one after winning the #RootingForInnerBeauty contest. I ordered a bunch of other Beautyveda products and I wasn't disappointed at all. The oil is a huge part of my "me-time" routine now. And the glow on my skin says it all".
lemongrass oil
After i consulting to the ayurveda expert Yogita Shrivastava , i came to know that what is all going wrong with my health. I have taken all the tips and recommendations sincerely and now i am very thankful to her that i have lost 15 kg weight before the consultation my weight was 90 kg and now its is 75 kg. I am very happy with the health and it feels very energetic and enthusiastic now.
weight loss
lifestyle changed

Self care is how you take your power back

Self care is how you take your power back

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If you are looking forward to loose weight naturally, to get that perfect skin glow and healthy hair, then you should definitely reach out to Yogita at BEAUTYVEDA.

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